Storage FAQs Richmond IN

Answers to common questions regarding our Storage services in Richmond IN.

Q. How do we decide what size unit I will need?
A. Here are some rough estimates that you can follow that you will have to adjust for your requirements.
A. 6 x 9 self storage unit is equal to roughly the size of a small walk in closet.
A. 7 x 15 self storage unit could accommodate the entire contents of a one bedroom apartment.
A. 10 x 13 self storage unit is roughly the size of a standard one car garage accommodating the contents of a two bedroom apartment.
A. 20 x 20 self storage unit roughly equal to a two car garage and accommodating the contents of a three bedroom apartment plus

Q. What are your monthly rates for storage units?
A. 6 x 9 – $30, 7 x 15 – $45, 10 x 13 – $70, 20 x 20 – $120, 20 x 25 – $135

Q. What methods of payment to you accept?
A.. Cash/Check

Q. What size units do you offer?
A. Indoor: 6 x 9, 7 x 15, 10 x 13, 20 x 20, 20 x 20

Q. Do I have to sign a contract?
A. YES! Before being assigned a unit, you must sign our contract

Q. When can I access my unit?
A. 24/7 except indoor vehicle storage. Indoor vehicle storage is by appointment only.

Q. Do you have climate controlled units?
A. Indoor storage is kept above freezing in the winter. Storage that requires more specific climate controls will require special arrangements. Contact management with specific requirements.

Q. What types of recreational vehicles can be stored on-site?
A. Just about any type of vehicle can be stored at our facility. We also have indoor vehicle storage capabilities.

Q. Does the vehicle need to be in driving condition before storing at your location?
A. No

Q. May I repair my vehicle on the premises?
A. Yes, but must not leave a mess. Take all used fluids with you. Cleaning fees may apply.

Q. What items are not allowed for storage?
A. You cannot store, animals, flammable liquids, illegal drugs, explosives or trash. See contract for details.

Q. Can I sublet or re assign my unit?
A. No. Re-assignment or subletting is not allowed.

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